Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor

The Atlantic Gateway is:

  • a safe, secure and sustainable multimodal system of specialized assets and niche capabilities;
  • a strategically located and globally competitive transportation network moving goods to and from North America;
  • an integrated, reliable and efficient system of ports, airports, border crossings, roads, and rail connections;
  • your transportation solution!

The Atlantic Gateway can:

  • link you to markets in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia;
  • provide competitive and strategic supply-chain solutions;
  • meet the need for niche and customized expertise;
  • offer a stable, skilled workforce; and
  • help you respond to shifting global demands and trade patterns.

The Atlantic Gateway: Connecting North America to the world for over 400 years. A public-private collaboration ensuring seamless service that responds to your needs.


The Canadian map shows all major cities and CN and CP rail lines

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Canada's Atlantic Gateway