Canada’s Atlantic Gateway’s strategic location connects North America with global markets. An integral part of Canada’s national system of corridors and gateways, the Atlantic Gateway and Trade Corridor is an efficient, reliable and secure transportation network developed through the collaboration of the Government of Canada, the four Atlantic provinces—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador—and the private sector. Situated on the eastern coast of Canada, it is at least one day closer to Europe than any other port on the eastern seaboard, and within a three-day drive to more than half the population of North America. With capacity in all modes and specialized niche services, it provides seamless integration with road, rail and air transportation systems that connect to all markets in North America.

Canada’s Atlantic Gateway is your EFFICIENT, RELIABLE and SECURE transportation Solution!


The Atlantic Gateway is:

  • a safe, secure and sustainable multimodal system of specialized assets and niche capabilities;
  • a strategically located and globally competitive transportation network moving goods to and from North America;
  • an integrated, reliable and efficient system of ports, airports, border crossings, roads, and rail connections;
  • your transportation solution!

The Atlantic Gateway can:

  • link you to markets in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia;
  • provide competitive and strategic supply-chain solutions;
  • meet the need for niche and customized expertise;
  • offer a stable, skilled workforce; and
  • help you respond to shifting global demands and trade patterns.

The Atlantic Gateway: Connecting North America to the world for over 400 years. A public-private collaboration ensuring seamless service that responds to your needs.


The Canadian map shows all major cities and CN and CP rail lines

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Canada's Atlantic Gateway